Wouldn’t it be wonderful to never dread the Seattle dentist again? That’s only one of the many benefits of sedation dentistry and gentle dental at 5th & Olive Dental. Whether you have had a lifelong fear of the dentist or if it’s been a while since your last dental visit sedation and pain free dental care can relieve your worries. If it has been awhile and you are worried about your first visit back to the dentist. Our dentists can help you feel comfortable and ease you back into the dental chair. Dr. Jiyon Kim & Dr. Sang Kim will correct any resulting damage or decay from your last appointment, usually in just one or two visits. Whether you need a cavity filled, dentures fitted, treatment for sore gums – or even cosmetic procedures to whiten your teeth or fix a chipped tooth, you’ll be amazed at how much dental work can be accomplished while you are calmly sedated. There are 2 types of sedation dentistry that our trained professional Seattle Dentists use:  Oral Conscious Sedation & Nitrous Oxide


Who should try sedation dentistry?

Some people are have been afraid of the dentist their whole life, while others may have had a bad dental experience. Some dental patients put off going to the dentist because they simply don’t have the time. Others have a low pain tolerance or resistance to the numbing injections that most dentists use. Some dental patients can’t control a gag reflex, and still others are too embarrassed about the condition of their teeth. Whether you have a paralyzing fear or have had a traumatic experience Drs. Kim & Kim are ready to show you sedation dentistry.

No matter what your reason, there’s no need to feel embarrassed. At 5th & Olive Dental, we often see patients who have not been to a dentist in years. It’s not unusual for us to see patients who require extensive, complex treatment. But the good news is that with sedation, we can usually accomplish complete care and restoration in just one comfortable, anxiety free visit

Will I be unconscious?
There are varying degrees of sedation available for your dental appointment during your consultation we will choose the most appropriate sedation for your dental visit. Sedation is as simple as taking a pill and you’ll be conscious and responsive throughout the procedure. However, you’ll remain in a deeply relaxed state, so you won’t be nervous or fidgety. You’ll experience no discomfort or anxiety. You won’t be aware of sounds or smells around you and you won’t remember any part of the treatment. When your dental procedure is complete you’ll feel totally relaxed and you won’t remember a thing. In fact, it’ll seem like only a few minutes have passed and you took a nice relaxing nap.
Is Sedation Dentistry Safe?
Throughout your dental procedure our experienced clinical team will monitor your vital signs. You’ll receive compassionate, attentive care that will make you feel like you’re getting a spa treatment. The best part will come when you look in the mirror and see your healthy, happy beautiful smile.
How long will it take?
Depending on the condition of your teeth, your sedation may last from two to six hours. At 5th Ave Dental our highly-trained staff will focus only on you during your visit. There’ll be nothing to interrupt or interfere with your treatment, which is why we can usually treat even the most serious cases in just one visit.
Do I need someone with me?
Because you’ll need to take a pill before you leave home, someone must accompany you to and from the dentist’s office. Although you’ll feel completely refreshed when the procedure is over, you’ll still be under the effects of sedation and unable to drive a vehicle.
How do I get started?
Our friendly staff is waiting to hear from you. First, we need to gather some information regarding your health. Then we’ll discuss your specific needs and desires. Once you’ve talked with our caring dental professionals, you’ll wonder why you waited so long. The natural healthy smile you’ve been waiting for is just a dream away.
Who Can Benefit From Sedation Dentistry?
So many people in the Renton and Seattle areas can benefit from sedation dentistry. If you’re one of the many individuals who suffer from a phobia or a medical conditions that make a visit to the dentist nearly impossible to bear, this safe, modern alternative may be the right choice for you. Sedation dentistry is especially helpful for those with:

    • Intense fear
    • Trauma from an early dental experience
    • Difficulty getting numb
    • A sensitive gag reflex
    • Very sensitive teethComplex dental problems
    • A limited time frame in which to complete dental care

If you’re looking for a highly-trained sedation dentist in Seattle you’ve come to the right place. Drs. Kim & Kim offer sedation dentistry at their Downtown Seattle office location where patients have come to trust for the highest quality dental care. Don’t wait another moment if a dental phobia has kept you from getting the care you deserve! Phone our office today at (206) 567-7402 or complete our simple online form to schedule an appointment.